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People generally use massage therapy to improve their blood circulation and relieve muscular problems such as tension, cramps, or strains. Massage therapy provides oxygen and other nutrients to the body tissues, thereby making the muscles stronger. It improves the mobility and flexibility of the muscles, relieves the muscles from pain and tension, and helps in clearing the waste materials and lactic acid from the body. Massage also helps in reducing the stiffness and pain experienced in the joints and muscles and thus, makes the recipient feel relaxed.

People schedule massage therapy usually for relaxation purpose or for specific health problems, such as backache, relief from stress or other stress related problems, arthritis, headache, tendonitis, or migraines. Massage also relieves the muscles from spasm, sprains, and strains. It helps relive and even reverse the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain injury), and respiratory and circulatory problems. Massage therapy also relieves the body of stress by lowering the level of cortisol hormones in the body. It has been seen that massage can enhance the immune system as well.

An average session of massage lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. The session begins after a brief consultation about the lifestyle, medical history, and symptoms of the person. A brief consultation can give the therapist clues and important information on what parts of the body need to be worked on, or sometimes, what parts of the body need to be avoided.


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